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I’m not a believer of couples going out with each other for a night out. I know it’s a very common thing to do and how could you not go out with your best friend and his wife to dinner… But! But between me, you, and all other men and woman it doesn’t do greatness to your marriage… You will start comparing your spouse to your friends and what she or he does for the other which you don’t have…No matter what you say you will look! It happens to be I am religious but that is not where this coming from. This feeling is coming from the commitment of marriage! When you commit to marry your wife you are committing to block every other girl out too. By going out and hanging out with people that are not family is not blocking everyone else out.

There is another point to be made here….No matter what you think, there is no girl in the world that will keep you stimulated naturally. It fades out by everyone! Spray to inform you 3rd time marriages you can keep looking but you are not gonna find a companion that is just gonna act, look, dress, and turn you on like the first few times you went out to dinner forever. It doesn’t happen….Marriage needs work! There is no way in the world that you are gonna live the way you are dreaming, being happy in marriage with out working for it. Just like money it doesn’t come easy…It may look like it from the first few months, but it doesn’t stay like that forever.

Its not all that bad that that your marriage won’t stay fantasy like forever. The reason why god created it like this, is so you can experience the feeling for the first few months and then you will have the vision in your mind of what true love can bring you after you work to get to that point. In essence the first few months is just a fantasy. Its a total favor that god did so we can envision what we we are working towards. Naturally it should have been just like making money. You work your brains off until you can make enough to live the more you work the higher standard living you can live on. But in marriage god gave you a Lamborghini life style for free as a sign on bonus for the first few months. So in essence its a favor but it definitely aint the real thing its just superficial. These guys getting married every 2 years are chasing these fake sign on bonuses that evaporate after 6 months. Don’t get married go to a club and bring someone else home every night. And if thats too expensive go on Cregs list….

This all hit me when I was about to go out with my wife and our friends and there was work being done at my house from Edison Nj Electrician and this wise man called me over to the side and kindly explained me the above..I knew he was right from the first second I didn’t even try to argue it out with him. Right then and there I told my wife to tell them i’m sick and we cant make it. If this guy is so honest in his marriage I can definitely assure you that he will be incredibly honest in business check him out on Google Plus or Facebook Click here for other useful pages on his site or here for another.Sourkes 20150413_224944

Yes it is annoying to have to make a different excuse every time someone wants to go out with us but you know what? Its worth it! A healthier marriage is worth the world!

This is really a eye opener to a better marriage and I hope it helps! If you need any help i’m always here all you gotta do is reach out to me on the bottom..

Do you live in New York? Manhattan? Brooklyn? If yes you know what it means to drive your car around….Parking is seriously insane! You cannot drive anywhere with out parking 2 blocks away standard! It is totally insane that there a lot more cars than spots. Naturally thats gonna happen if the houses are narrower than cars, than every 2 houses with 2 cars earns one spot..

I live in a basement apartment and my landlord considers it the worst thing in the world if I block his driveway for 30 seconds to unload the packages! He seriously made such a big deal when i parked in his driveway while his wife had the car in work, the day I was flying somewhere and I had to put the suitcases in the car..On average night i park at least 2 avenue blocks away! The night of my sisters wedding was pouring rain. I got back from the ceremony at 2 am. I circled for 20 minutes and i couldn’t even find one anywhere with in 5 square blocks. I had to park by a fire hydrant. It’s not like you can just get away by parking by a fire hydrant in New York, the cops are on it! I’m not too fond of parking by a fire hydrant either myself. It is a huge danger! There is a famous story that a guy parked by a fire hydrant. There was actually a fire in the building that he parked in front of. The fire department came and saw that his car was parked there. They stuck the hose through both the windows and connected it to the fire hydrant! Could they have easily gone around without smashing the windows of the car? Yes! Of course! But there is a lesson to be taught here. In many cases it does cause extra danger from the fact that they block the fire hydrant.

In New York there is something called alternate sides. It could very well be that they have it all over. Its basically, that their supposed to come around with a truck that cleans the street. On the days that they clean that side of the  street you may only park on the other side. (In some areas they let you double park on the other side.) They barely come around with the truck, it’s basically an excuse to give out tickets! Even if the truck already came and the cops saw that they came, they would still give you a ticket for parking there….Whatever….

If your from outta town you probably have no idea what i’m venting about. In your towns every place has a parking lot,..huge driveways by the homes and 6 spots open on the street! And when you come to New York you take a Taxi everywhere, so you really don’t know…But such a thing does exist, so you feel bad for us!

I was once staying in Buffalo New York while visiting Niagara Falls! And i met this really nice roofer! I love Roofers and he was telling me that he moved to buffalo precisely because of parking… Crazy! No? Well i’m not too far off myself! Check his website out if you live in Buffalo and need your roof fixed.. He was extremely nice and welcoming and I’m sure he would be very honest in his roofing business!

In New York they have garbage pick up days.. Which i’m sure they have that all over-I mean I hope! Anyway in New York the streets are not wide enough to pass around the truck. The streets are very narrow in the first place and with the cars parked on both sides like idiots you can’t even walk on the side of the garbage truck! So basically if you get stuck behind a garbage truck on a garbage pick up day you are a half hour late to work! At least!

i always had a simple idea to make garbage truck day on the days that its alternate sides. This way one side of the street is open and you can pass through!!!! Im brilliant!!! So Mayor DeBlassio (I have no idea how to spell your name (not sure which letters to capitalize) even spell check doesn’t have you listed!) if you are reading this blog (which I hope your busier than that) than please accept my support ticket to the city of New York…

I know some one that always used to keep a an envelope of a ticket in his car. When he needed to park in an illegal spot he would pull it out and put it on the wind shield, making it look like he already got a ticket…I’m a little more honest than that..

If you  enjoyed this blog of me venting about New York city let me know on bottom….

Hey peoples. I’m writing on mom in laws. Anyone who has anything to contribute or any advice it is gladly welcome!! This is mainly about how to get along with your mother in law especially when doing construction. Oh yeah did I mention that its on them? I know that just made it way more complicated!

I noticed something very interesting. A mom and  wife are a mans two best women, and when the 2 of them don’t get along it puts him in a sticky situation. That is making him choose between one of us. Me or her and that is the worst possible thing to do. He feels torn on one hand I’m his wife but on the other his mom did everything for him till now. So I took the time to think of a few ways that will help the situation. This is what I came up with: It is very hard but it definitely works.

Honestly its two words “Shut up” oh and just swallow it. Yea you read right. If you just shut up when one of your in-laws say something offensive and just swallow it you are avoiding a whole fight. Yes you are insulted and that was so rude of them but go vent to a friend. I got sick about 2 months after my wedding and because of that a sister in-law assumed I was pregnant. Seriously? That really pissed me off like never before. I waiting about a month or two then because it was still bugging me I made a joke about it, and got my point across. I didn’t do it right away when I was pissed I waited. (That’s a pointer from my anger management classes.)

Another way to not get too annoyed at your mother in-law is the following: Think of all she did for your husband. She gave you the best thing that has ever happened to you, assuming you have a good relationship with your husband. She put so much time, effort and sleepless nights into raising him, she helped make him who he is.  Just give her a little appreciation and credit. That was one thing I got but didn’t really understand till I had a child of my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother in-law but sometimes yes it does get sticky, and annoying. Most of all it can definitely get frustrating.

I recently started renovations on my home ,now everyone know they can be tough but whats tougher is that it’s on them. My mother in-law loves modern and colorful stuff, I however like more of a Victorian, vintage style, and things with intricate designs. So yeah its pretty tough. But since they are footing the bill I kinda just got to take it and roll. Thank god my mother in-law will ask my opinion on a lot of things like which of two do I like better and what not. It’s really not that bad. But I must admit that I do have my pet peeves and that’s where I draw the line. No I don’t go looking for more than I already have.

For example I have a friend that just built a 5 million dollar home. I have never seen such a waste of space. her dining room is tiny that when she has company she has to bring out folding tables and start squeezing people in. That was the first place I drew the line. I love to host dinner parties and stuff and I need the space to accommodate my guests without the folding tables! But I did it nicely I sat and explained all my theories till everyone just agreed.

The next big issue I had was with my roofer. I have a family guy from Brooklyn Roofers whose work I love  and that I have been using for ages. I don’t like botch up jobs. I like a job to be done right. Two years ago my in-laws did their roof and were happy with the job but I like my guy. I guess you can call me a baby, but the one time I used someone else on my garage because my guy was out of town, I had possums move in to my garage within a year. I called my guy down to fix it and thank god its just been me and my family since then.

Other than that I really try to just let things roll. I don’t like to cause problems unless its something I really won’t be able to handle like a dining room that does not hold more than 15 people. Personally I try to leave my mother in-law alone and let her enjoy herself till it comes into my personal space. Truthfully as long as its not gloomy I’m not really complaining. It’s a free makeover! But yea if any of you got any advice let me know!!

The story written in the previous blog about the guy that met a non-Jew with a tattoo that says Emunah in Alabama has many lessons to be learned…
The one that I want to bring out is as follows: What are the chances of such a story happening? The odds of a non affiliated Jew wearing a maggen david, walking into a bar in Alabama; where he meets a non-Jewish girl in the that actually recognizes the necklace and asks him if he’s Jewish. Then she showed him the tattoo and told him the story behind it which brought this guy back to Judiasim.
Think about how many out of the ordinary factors went into bringing this guy back to Judiasim… How uncommon is it?! He got that necklace from his grandfather and actually wore it that day, The owner of that bar is Jewish which got that book Garden of Emunah from who knows who. And it just gets better!
He went on and told his worker about it and gave it to her because of her break up with her boyfriend which had made her depressed. Two weeks later she finds out that her boyfriend was arrested cause he was found with a lot of cocaine, which made her believe everything in the book enough to go get herself a tattoo.

The truth is it’s not just this story that has a unique make up of facts. So many of our daily situations are contributed to random events that happened unplanned or even by mistake. Think about it. How did you find your job? You met a friend that overheard something about a job opening, that passed the message on to you because you mentioned something in a conversation. How did you meet your wife? Your cousin was out to dinner with a friend and was talking about this girl and your cousin mentioned to her that he has a single cousin maybe its a good match and the rest is history….

There are so many things that lead to each other, only the connection is disguised in nature. How many times did you miss your flight and because of that you met a certain person and out came xyz… Your so busy being pissed off that you missed your flight, that you can’t even think of any connections. Your car breaks down and you need it to be towed little do you know you meet the tow truck driver and your friends on google plus or Facebook And by the way while on the topic of tow trucks this actually happened to me! I needed to get my car towed  by Edison Towing Services and it came out that I was friends with him on Google plus. He is now a really awesome friend of mine! He is super friendly and honest check his Facebook page or click here to see the area he provides service too.
Part of the reason why people don’t make this connection is because we don’t leave time to ourselves to just sit and think. We are always occupied either by working or sleeping and any free time in between were either on our phone or watching a movie. Now a days there is no such thing as just sitting with you and your self, you get too bored. If your on a plane that has no tv’s you go NUTS. If your in a limousine that doesn’t have entertainment you feel like you just wasted your money. What about enjoying the company or just spending time with you and yourself? What about relaxing and enjoying the service, the leather, the fact that you have a chauffeur and you don’t have to drive yourself. When I go in the limo I don’t turn on no tv I sit back with a beer and enjoy the real beauty of the limo itself.

If you were to reflect back on your life, you’ll see God steering the wheel and everything you thought was bad led to something positive. Sometimes it’s no always possible to see Gods hand in everything, such as a sudden death of a loved one, but the answer to that is written in this article There is a famous Orthodox rabbi that was previously an Israeli actor who returned to Judiasim somewhere in his twenty’s. He writes in one of his books that the way he became religious was as follows: He was planning a trip with a bunch of guys and they were going by bus, the guys who were going to meet him backed out on him last second when he was already at the bus stop. He was left alone on a bus by himself for 7 HOURS! With no paper and no phone.  He writes that if someone has 7 hours to sit and think to himself there is no way that you don’t find God and become religious….

Hey, wussup guys thanx for visiting my new blog! Ill be talkin  about education but with personality!

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