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Hey guys, heard a very inspirational story today from Rabbi Zecharih Wallerstien! But first I wanna start with saying a word or two about him…

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstien is a Rabbi that runs several programs. A school, and a program called Ohr Naava for woman and of course he is a world renown lecturer. My personal  appreciation towards Rabbi Wallerstien is beyond words. The inspiration and the unique lessons that he derives from stories  are one of a kind! It sort of trained me had to think about daily life and involve god…I’ve realized that no matter how Frum we are and how much we learn and pray, it may be systemized sometimes and you may not stop to think about god. That’s why we need Rabbi Wallerstiens way of thinking!

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One day at a college campus in Ohio, there was a rabbi doing kiruv. That day he decide he wanted to talk about Emuna. He got up in front of the class half Jewish half not, and asked if anybody in the room knew what Emuna is? One guy from the back said ya Rabbi, Emuna is complete faith in god! The rabbi said that’s exactly right, but how do you know what Emuna is? Why don’t you get up in front of the class and tel us how you know what it is…..

The boy gets up and starts by saying that i’m Jewish but barely religious. When i was a kid my Grandpa bought me a Magen David necklace as a gift. One day me and a few of my buddies went out to Alabama to grab a few beers. The bartender that was obviously not Jewish saw my Magen David, She screamed  out YOUR JEWISH!! The boy embarrassingly said yes I am. The bartender said you gotta take a look at this and she pulls up her sleeve and on her arm was a tattoo that said  the letters  E M U N A. She says you know what this is? He says your boyfriend? She says listen to my story.

I was engaged to my very rich boyfriend. He promised me a huge house on the top of the hill, with a beautiful view. and everything else i wanted. One day he left me, didn’t answer my phone calls, nothing just left me out of the blue. I was so depressed, my whole life just came crashing down and became worthless. I walk in to work the next day not in  the mood to talk to no body . The owner of the bar is Jewish, he tells me i have to read a certain book it will change my life. She said i don’t wanna read nothing my life is ruined… Next day the owner walks into work holding the book, its called The Garden Of Emuna! She takes it home and read it cover to cover not believing one word that rabbi wrote in the book.

Two weeks later she gets a call from her girlfriend, saying did you hear about your boyfriend in the news? She said no, what happened? Her girlfriend said your boy claimed to be a lawyer, he ain’t no lawyer he was a drug dealer he was just caught with 12 kilo of co-cane!!

She looked up at heaven and said that everything that Rabbi said in that book is true! If we would have still been together i would be going to jail with him! She picked her self up and went down to the tattoo pit downtown and told them you write E M U N A EMUNA!! obviously these boys got inspired and got that book and slowly changed their lives!

Gotta go for now but in the next blog i will write the lessons of Rabbi Wallerstien took out f this story. The story alone is enough to inspire you. I would love to hear your thoughts on the bottom…

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