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Hey guys blogging here in Starbucks hehe…..

I wanna bring up an issue that us parents deal with  once in a while. You know there’s a couple times a year that there are events that  that are LIMOUSINE type events.

Now i’m not talking about weddings anniversaries and executive i’m talking about the events that occur in  the teenage years…such as proms, birthdays, sweet 16’s quinceanera’s concerts, graduations….

Hen-party with champagne

Now i’m a free spirited guy but not enough to let my kid be exposed to alcohol for the first time in a limo on the way to these events. I’m a big believer that kids having an OCCASIONAL drink in a social event. I think that kids do need to experience it once in a while however if its introduced in mature fashion they will never abuse it in the long run. But in a LIMO? By another kid his age that’s tryin to convince him that the high of it is such an awesome feeling, and the cooler kids in the class are all doin it the way the kid perceives the concept is that drinkin is a cool thing and the point is to get high what do you expect from the kid.

Now the question is who to blame and is it avoidable. It could be anyone the parents the child the friends or the limo driver. As far as the parents they if they raise their child properly with enough love and all that stuff then The only other thing they can do is make sure that their goin with a proper limousine company. as far as the kid and the friends are concerned they will max out their accessibility, meaning that if the situation allows them to do certain stuff they will do it imagine a parent is totally cool  with their child smoking what are the chances that their kid will say you know what  its not healthy i think i’m gonna pass on this one. You get what i mean if you approve then most children aint gonna turn it down.

So what are we left with the one and only Limo driver. The misconception about this is that a Limo driver plays 2 roles for events such as weddings executive and anniversaries he is a Chauffeur hes gotta smile open the doors with his white gloves and then go in the drivers seat and butt out of his passengers business. However in events such as proms birthdays and grads He is not a chauffeur he is a BIG BRO he is responsible the reason why they ordered the limo is not for the pampering service its for the coolness and for the togetherness The limo driver is responsible hes not just there to smile and make sure he doesn’t short stop….

Come on how many times are you driving at one in the morn and you see a limo blasting music and a guy standing through the sun roof. Thats not the right time for the driver to keep on his white gloves……

Another misconception is PARTY does not stand for  alcohol cigs and drugs you can party hard bein sober..

Check this out

Now the Limo driver might think to himself this is not my job i’m not their teacher parent or guardian im just a driver doin my job. Well to that i say that if you were walking down the street and you see one guy pull the trigger on his friend your not gonna just stand by sayin i’m not his parent or guardian (well in hope you wont).There’s a basic responsibility that one has to his fellow when it comes to lethal stuffs…..

Kids are kids and i hate to sound that i have the answer to all the worlds problems and i don’t. The truth is that everybody’s feelings and theory’s is true at least for one kid and if i could have the answer to save one guys future its worth the few minutes to write this article. Well i hate those bloggers that blog 3000 word blogs so i’m gonna stop here at my 705 word count.

Whether you agree with the above or not i would appreciate your comments below.

Hey, wussup guys thanx for visiting my new blog! Ill be talkin  about education but with personality!

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